Monday, 8 September 2014

Illegal Scottish migrants 'already flooding the borough'

Wandsworth Council went into emergency session last night as reports came in of illegal Scottish migrants flocking to the Brighter Borough in search of work, shelter and safety. With just days to go till the disputed referendum, Scots were fleeing across the border in their dozens, in a desperate bid to escape the clutches of hated separatist leader Aleksandr Salmondov and his ruthless deputy Nicola Sturzhonova.

"The referendum is just a ploy to annexe Scotland to eastern Ukraine," explained one destitute asylum seeker as he tucked into a box of fried chicken on Wandsworth High Street. "We'll just be a wee little colony ruled from Donetsk. Aye, that we will."   

Hated Scottish rebel leader Aleksandr Salmondov

As community leaders appealed for calm, council officials rushed to set up refugee camps in King George's Park. Charities appealed for donations of deep-fried Mars bars and cans of triple-strength lager to make the newcomers feel at home. "The situation is heartbreaking," said Bertram Crudd, Deputy Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Wandsworth Council. "Many of the new arrivals don't speak English and there's very little hope of them ever integrating into society."
Illegal Scottish migrants arriving in Wandsworth

Fears were also rising last night that the flood of migrants could spread deadly viruses such as Ebola throughout the borough, even in plusher areas such as Bellevue Road and Nightingale Lane. "We urge all Wandsworth residents to remain calm but vigilant," said Dr Maurice Elzheimer of South West London NHS Foundation Trust In Association With Vodafone. "If you see any Scottish people coughing, quickly return home, draw the curtains and inform the authorities. Safety is paramount." 

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