Tuesday, 5 May 2015


  • Chaos on streets of Wandsworth as nation prepares to vote
  • Panic-buying and empty shelves at Garratt Lane Sainsbury's  
  • SNP takeover 'imminent' as militiamen battle with plucky locals

Amid mounting chaos in Wandsworth on the eve of Britain's fiercely contested general election, a Special Forces rescue squad landed on the roof of Eye HQ this afternoon and airlifted the Eye to safety.

The Eye is airlifted from the roof of Eye HQ

As street battles raged outside between plucky locals and militiamen loyal to hated separatist leader Nikola Sturzhonova, the much-loved Eye was whisked away by helicopter to Gatwick, where he boarded one of the last flights out of the country to a secret destination off the coast of the Western Sahara.

The Eye's secret hideaway

"I can confirm that the Eye is now in safety," a spokesman said. "He is resting after a long and arduous journey, but continues to monitor developments in our crisis-wracked country with deep concern. The Eye wishes to thank the brave Special Forces who rescued him from grave peril with no thought for their own welfare."

On a day of despair across the borough, basic food supplies were running out as anxious residents flocked to Garratt Lane Sainsbury's in the hope of filling their bare cupboards. Frail pensioner Doris Elzheimer was among those scavenging for the last tins of beans. "If the SNP get in they'll fly the red flag from Wandsworth town hall and we'll all be sent to concentration camps," she warned. "It'll be just like when Hitler became Queen, you mark my words."

Empty shelves and scenes of panic at Garratt Lane Sainsbury's

Further along Garratt Lane, workmen were already busy erecting the plush new Palace of the Republic, from which Nikola Sturzhonova plans to rule her English dominions after the general election. Frightened contractors spoke of a vast network of dungeons under the monumental building, in which opponents of the SNP will be incarcerated and tortured with non-stop recordings of Ed Miliband speeches.

The SNP's hated Palace of the Republic on Garratt Lane

With final opinion polls before the general election showing the SNP on course to win hundreds of English seats as well as 80 of the 59 in Scotland, other key national figures were following the Eye's lead and fleeing incipient civil war. The Queen and Prince Philip reportedly boarded a midnight flight to Pyongyang; Theresa May was last seen waiting at Istanbul bus station, headed for the Syrian border; and Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia is said to have taken up exile in Kensington & Chelsea.

In a statement just issued, WandsworthEye said: "At this grave juncture, I call upon all residents of SW18 to fight the wicked machinations of the Scottish National Party. Would the Eye Cabinet please assemble in Chapel Yard, pitchforks at the ready, for the battle will be long and hard."

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