Sunday, 12 August 2012

A new dawn breaks with Sunday WandsworthEye!

Good morning Wandsworth! It is Sunday, the sun is shining, the borough's cherished tramps and vagabonds are still sweetly snoring in their gentle dells of quiet repose, Costa Coffee has unfurled its much-loved sunshades, and a new dawn is breaking over SW18 with the first bumper edition of SundayWandsworthEye!

WandsworthEye has always viewed itself as a cutting-edge local news resource, chock-full of stentorian comment and trenchant analysis. However, in recent days readers have been pleading for the Eye to introduce 'Sunday supplement'-style leisure features to further enhance its already lavish offering. "Good honest family fun, that's what we need," explained Reginald W. of the Anti-Lust Alliance. "No smutty material, mind."

WandsworthEye has no intention of introducing frivolous downmarket features such as dreary crosswords, tawdry Sudoku puzzles or vulgar agony-aunt columns that appeal only to the meek and feeble-minded. But today the Eye launches its more mellifluous Sunday cousin into the social media orbit - and as times are hard, here is our top tip to...


Dear treasured readers, walking is the way forward in these times of austerity! And despite the undoubted attractions of the heroic 87 bus to Aldwych - whose many advantages WandsworthEye has already documented - a sunny day such as today offers an ideal opportunity to save the £2.30 fare into town (or £1.35 with an Oyster card).

Give the money to tramps' and vagabonds' charities instead! And now let me take you by the hand and guide you carefully along Wandsworth High Street with its thundering traffic; past the Town Hall whose officials work tirelessly to spare us the high council tax rates of less prudent boroughs; left into Fairfield Street; right onto Old York Road; round the roundabout; and onto Wandsworth Bridge - beneath which you will find a delightfully clear and graffiti-free map of the Thames Path.

This is your direct route into town - clean, well-maintained, dotted with the occasional pub, cafe or hostelry - and above all, far from the noise and the ceaseless traffic of throbbing inner London. Off you go!!!

The Thames Path at Battersea Reach
Blue skies, puffy puffy clouds...

River Quarter Kitchen
Molasses House

An ideal spot for a beverage or two

SundayWandsworthEye wishes its phalanx of devoted readers in Britain, the US, Russia, France and Germany a warm and sultry Sunday afternoon. WandsworthEye will return with its usual damning analysis of pressing local issues on Wednesday 29th August. In the meantime: Please contribute generously to all tramps' and vagabonds' charities!

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