Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wandsworth says no to junk-food terror

Residents of central Wandsworth were in a state of alarm and distress last night after receiving sinister details of an application by much-feared Dallas Chicken & Ribs to extend its already interminable opening hours.

Under the envisaged arrangements, Dallas - shameless purveyor of salty stink-fodder to the benighted urban underclass - would keep its rapacious doors open until 2am on weekdays and 4am at weekends.

WandsworthEye calls on all local residents of sound disposition and with educated and cultivated palates to oppose this abominable plan. Any extension of the Dallas empire would not only threaten the health and waistlines of the borough's fit and slender denizens - it would represent a shameless capitulation to the forces of disorder and rampant yobbery.

Incalculable numbers of surly behooded youths will gather nightly along the High Street, eagerly awaiting their next "fix" of artery-clogging chicken nuggetry, if Dallas gets its dastardly way.

Let Wandsworth Council's licence adjudicators know that Wandsworth stands united - and that Wandsworth says no to the stampeding junk-food terror!

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