Monday, 6 August 2012

Storm over tramps and vagabonds

WandsworthEye was at the centre of a furious row last night after a Twitter follower slammed its much-loved Tramps' and Vagabonds' Monitoring Service and branded the Eye's attitude "pathetic".

Soon after launching its Twitter feed earlier this year, WandsworthEye began providing its phalanx of devoted followers with regular updates on the activities of tramps and vagabonds in the borough. The initiative - part of the Eye's unstinting efforts to offer a comprehensive news service to local residents - has been focusing primarily on events at the tramps' and vagabonds' benches outside All Saints Church on Wandsworth High Street.

Spattered with mysterious white paint (or some other substance), the benches provide a welcome place of repose for central Wandsworth's T&V population. Come a sunny day, all manner of tramps and vagabonds can be seen holding picnic lunches and the like - and discussing the most pressing issues of the day over a cool can of cider purchased from a nearby retail outlet.   
It goes without saying that WandsworthEye has always maintained a keen sense of objectivity when reporting on T&V activity, and in no way does it condemn their full participation in society. Where concerns have been raised (for example over occasional littering and the mysterious white paint spatterings), WandsworthEye has endeavoured to do so with kindness and generosity of spirit.

However one Twitter follower lambasted the Eye's popular T&V service, storming: "I follow you because I enjoy your tweets but your attitude towards the people you label T&V is pathetic." He added: "Why don't you try talking to them. You might just learn something useful."

Last night local residents rallied round WandsworthEye, pleading for the cherished T&V monitoring service to continue. Housewife Brenda A. commented: "I love the Tramps' and Vagabonds' news alerts, and look forward to them all day! My life is rather dull really, what with being stuck at home and having to watch endless daytime telly. But the T&V service brightens up everything. It  is undoubtedly an integral part of WandsworthEye's multi-faceted profferings, and if anything I believe it should be expanded. It very much fits in with the rollout of community empowerment initiatives so boldly championed by the Prime Minister." 

As support came flooding in from across the political spectrum, a source close to the Liberal Democrats' deputy spokesman on tramps' and vagabonds' issues said: "I completely agree with WandsworthEye. We LibDems have long demanded more stringent monitoring of the tramps and vagabonds, and in no way is this a reprehensible activity."

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