Monday, 13 August 2012


Dear Readers.

On Sunday August 12th a bogus edition of Wandsworth Eye appeared in the public domain, needlessly confusing its phalanx of devoted readers and sowing seeds of doubt among the social media community of SW18.

The frivolous nature of the material and its rampantly left-liberal views were utterly at variance with WandsworthEye's consistent championing of family values, and in no way reflected WandsworthEye's central message of order, srutiny and fiscal probity.

All articles appearing under the SundayWandsworthEye banner should henceforth be treated as damaging excrescences and reported to the authorities without further ado. Let us all now be vigilant, lest the supporters of tramps and vagabonds go on the rampage once again!

The Editorial Board
Chapel Yard
London SW18             

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